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In Person Make-A-Thon
January 26-28, 2024

The Make-a-Thon is essentially a hackathon for designers instead of coders. Student teams of 5-6 brainstorm, design, and prototype a device under time, material, and functional constraints.

The competition takes place over one weekend in the Spring semester. Students will be provided with a challenge and just three days to innovate a solution. During this time, they will have access to mentors who can guide them through the design process and assist with technical skills. They will present a drafted design to a panel of mentors for feedback before a final presentation to judges from industry and academia.

Build your skills as a Biomedical Engineer

Teamwork  // Product Design  // CAD // Fabrication  // Public Speaking // 

Time Management // Problem Solving // Networking // Much more!

Make-a-Thon in the News

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3 Days
11 Teams
1 Big Winner!
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