Makeathon Online ~ February 2021

The Makeathon is, in essence, a hackathon for designers instead of coders. Teams of four to five people brainstorm, design, and prototype a device under time, material, and functional constraints.

In the past, the competition took place over 30 hours (one weekend). With the virtual format this year, we have extended the competition to take place over four days - Wednesday to Sunday. Students will have three days to identify the problem that they would like to tackle and come up with an innovative solution. During this time, they will have access to mentors who can guide them through the design process and assist them with CAD and other technical skills. They will present their rough designs to a panel of mentors and receive feedback. 

Build your skills as a Biomedical Engineer

Teamwork  // Device Design  // CAD // Fabrication  // Public Speaking // 

Time Management // Problem Solving // Networking // Much more...

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5 Days
11 Teams
1 Big Winner!