Welcome to the Makeathon

The Associated Students of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Southern California have recognized the need to provide students with real-life, application-based challenges to students interested in the biomedical field. For this reason, ASBME began hosting the Makeathon for the first time in February 2016.

This event provides students interested in biomedical related fields a hands-on opportunity to solve a real-world problem in a collaborative environment. Students are presented with a research-based challenge, and have a limited amount of time and resources to solve the challenge. By working in teams, students engage in an interdisciplinary sharing of knowledge in order to solve a time-sensitive case. During the competition, corporate representatives and graduate students act as mentors, providing feedback to students, and offering advice. Students from other universities are invited to compete to provide exposure to Viterbi’s innovative and collaborative environment and to foster bonds with students and organizations from other schools.

About the Makeathon

The Makeathon is a hackathon for designers instead of coders.  In 30 hours, 12 teams of 4-5 students will brainstorm, design, and CAD a device under material and functional constraints. At the eight hour mark, teams will present preliminary designs to a panel of judges who will deliberate and give feedback to the teams. Next, the teams will utilize USC’s Fabrication Lab and 3D printers to construct their designs from a variety of materials and methods. All teams will prepare a final presentation to be delivered to the panel of judges as well as the rest of the students that will cover design motivations, device functionality, impact on the field or on client needs, as well as other device- and field-related information. There will be one grand prize winner chosen and two runner-up winners chosen from the remaining teams based on final presentations. Though biomedical engineering students are the target demographic, undergraduates from other fields will also be encouraged to participate.

Become part of an Annual Tradition

Be a member of this class of Makers. This event will grow to become an annual cornerstone of Viterbi excellence and will be a legacy of the Associated Students of Biomedical Engineering.

Condensed Approach

The Makeathon forces participants to undergo months worth of design process in the course of a few days. This condensed approach enables the Makers to push themselves to the limit and see how far they can go. 

Excellence and Professionalism 

All teams have the opportunity to enter the production stage and demonstrate their ability to bring a design from concept to realization. This competition offers a unique opportunity for students to demonstrate their skills to corporate and industry representatives.

We had a good year!
Check back next year for more!

Makeathon presented by ASBME