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Rules and Parameters

  • Each team should consist of 4-6 undergraduate students.

  • The event schedule, all Zoom links, and other pertinent information will be included in the Maker’s Toolkit (Google Drive folder) that participants will be given access to starting Friday, January 26th. Information will also be available on the Make-A-Thon website.

  • If a participant cannot make a mandatory event (bolded and italicized on the event schedule), he/she must fill out this absentee form. 

  • The design prompt will be released at the Kick-Off Event, which will be held on Friday, January 26th, before teams have access to mentors and materials.  Any attempt to access the prompt before then will disqualify a team.

  • While contact with professionals and scientists at the event is highly encouraged, contacting professionals outside of the event for design ideas and help will disqualify a team.

  • Prototyping for this year’s competition is mandatory.

  • The use of softwares or prototyping devices not outlined in the Maker’s Toolkit must be approved by the Makeathon Committee. 

  • In order to make fabrication equitable, the (optional) prototype presented to judges may not contain any 3D-printed or laser-cut parts. 

  • Each team can request up to $75 for prototyping materials through this form. If a team needs more than $75, they can request up to an additional $150 dollars by sending a link in their team Slack channel and notifying the Makeathon team.

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