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To register for this year's Makeathon, first, pay your registration fee using the PayPal buttons below or by Venmoing your registration fee to @asbmeusc. If you are a USC Student and a paying ASBME member, registration requires a $5 deposit that will be returned upon check-in. Otherwise, the fee is $10. 

You may register as an individual or as part of a team. If you register as an individual, we will assign your team for you. Teams should consist of 4-6 people, each as equally weighted in technical skills as possible. If you are registering as part of a team, each member of the team should register separately, and select the option on the registration form to register as part of a team. On the next page of the form, everyone on the team should enter the names of all team members. If you do not have enough members to form a full team, you can still register as a partial team and we will fill in the rest of your team with people who have registered as individuals. Click here to fill out the registration form.


Please upload a screenshot of either the PayPal confirmation email or of your Venmo payment to the registration form as proof of payment for your registration. You should receive a follow up email after your registration has been successfully submitted. If you have any questions or concerns about registration, please contact Nancy Shao at and Alara Berkmen at If you have issues registering on a mobile device, we recommend trying a web browser (preferably Chrome). Thank you!

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